PRESS RELEASE         Nov. 3, 2014        LRB

Human Genome analysis company, Leucine Rich Bio announced today that it has joined as an Organisational Member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). Leucine Rich Bio is among 170 diverse organisations world-wide to be part of the alliance.

Leucine Rich Bio develops technology to identify disease causing variants from genomic data. Its genome data processing platform, CtoG, uses advanced analytics and secure data sharing protocols. Leucine Rich Bio recognises the importance of data sharing and data privacy. As a member of GA4GH, Leucine Rich Bio endeavours to promote best practices in genome data sharing and hopes to establish, along with other members, a common framework for data sharing.

“Integration of large data sets, to analyse and interpret genomic data, is integral part of our platform”, said Kumar Sankaran, CEO of Leucine Rich Bio. “Genomic data sharing needs to have a robust framework to ensure interoperability and responsible sharing whilst maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of participants”.

Sharing genomic data underpins research. A recent programme, BRCA Challenge, seeks to share genetic and phenotypic information. Improved understanding of genetic variation has the potential to improve patient diagnoses and prevention of diseases.

About Leucine Rich Bio

Leucine Rich Bio Private Limited is a Genome data analysis and interpretation company based in Bangalore, India. It uses advances in the area of Computer Science, Information Science, Data Management, Statistics and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in Genomics.

About GA4GH

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (Global Alliance) is an international coalition, dedicated to improving human health by maximizing the potential of genomic medicine through effective and responsible data sharing.


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