LRB partners with Bencos

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. and Bencos Research Solution (P) Ltd. sign partnership deal

Bengaluru, India, 8th July 2015 – Press release

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru based bioinformatics driven company has announced alliance partnership with Mumbai based Bencos Research Solutions for promoting its products and services through its innovative online portal.

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd  (LRB) operates in a niche domain of NGS data analysis and is involved in providing ‘software as a service’ utilizing its proprietary in- house developed Human Genome Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting platform called AGIS (Advanced Genome Interpretation Suite). AGIS uses an intuitive ranking system to identify clinically relevant variants. AGIS annotates variants from multiple knowledge bases including Leucine Rich Bio’s Human Genome Variation Database (LRB-HGVD).  LRB has recently launched its ‘clinical exome data analysis with physician friendly report’ for diagnostic companies and individual clinicians. The clinical report contains relevant actionable information that is needed to make clinical decisions. Clinical reports are tailored to provide highly ranked disease-causing or clinically pathogenic variants and also protective variants. The report also contains variants related to pharmacogenomics and relevant information on clinical trials.

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd also provides NGS data analysis service to researchers worldwide using its proprietary platforms. Currently, LRB is involved in providing NGS data analysis service pertaining to whole genome, exome, Transcriptome and small RNA sequencing.  Its niche offering is in the miRNA data analysis domain where it has successfully completed few projects.

According to the MoU signed between LRB and Bencos Research Solutions, LRB would be a partner company to Bencos which would help Bencos offer niche bioinformatics solutions to its customers. Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director (Business development and Innovation), LRB said “Bencos has a good market depth since it uses online portal for selling its services and solutions. LRB with its bioinformatics strength would add on to Bencos’s offerings and in turn would provide LRB with a wider customer net. It is good to have Bencos on board and I look forward to a long-lasting and rewarding association”

Shubhanjan Bhowmik, Founder, Director of Bencos Research Solutions also reverberates the same sentiment and says “LRB-Bencos association bridges the much needed gap between data generation and its interpretation. With LRB we are a step forward in our mission of simplifying research by providing our customers a one stop solutions for data generation and analysis with one-to-one client to provider interaction and ease of data delivery thorough the platform. I look forward to a long run relationship between the two companies translating into a productive association”.

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About Leucine Rich Bio

Leucine Rich Bio Private Limited (LRB) is a Bioinformatics driven company based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, specializing in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis & Interpretation. LRB’s area of focus is in Human Genome Interpretation, especially for clinical and research use. The company uses advances in the area of Computer Science, Information Science, Data Management, Statistics and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in Genomics. LRB envisions using cutting edge big data approaches along with machine learning algorithms to delve deeper into the understanding of the human genome and develop novel solutions to drug discovery. Its dynamic genome interpretation service provides researchers in pharmaceutical industry and top research labs worldwide with choice of bioinformatics suite to interpret analyze and act on relevant information derived from ever evolving NGS data. For more info please visit –

About Bencos Research Solutions

Bencos is the brain child of dedicated researchers committed to the benefit of research fraternity. We are a research based Biotech solutions provider with sole focus on simplifying research by synthesizing real and virtual Biological labs. We visualize a society enjoying the results of the research through our untiring efforts. Formerly known as Universal Traders, engaged in the business of distributing and supplying quality laboratory chemicals and instruments in the North Eastern region of India and supplying products of principal US and Indian companies for biological research and laboratory use in academic institutes, hospitals, and colleges for the last 30 years. Bencos is an evolved version of Universal Traders and is based in Mumbai – India’s financial capital.

 Bencos Research Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a life sciences & healthcare support & solutions company, aiming to facilitate research initiatives by creating a dynamic platform which is targeted to meet the specific needs of the researchers. Bencos is a one stop shop for all products & service requirements for the research industry. For more info