Leucine Rich Bio and DiaDome have announced that they have entered into a partnership designed to be mutually beneficial in promoting both organizations in the field of medical diagnostics.

Leucine Rich Bio is based in Bangalore, India and its main area of focus is a niche domain of human genome interpretation. The team behind Leucine Rich Bio uses advances in the areas of computer and information science, data management, statistics and systems biology to solve complex problems in genomics. They envision using cutting edge big data approaches along with machine learning algorithms to delve deeper into the understanding of the human genome and to develop novel solutions to drug discovery.

“It is the innovative attitude of Leucine Rich Bio’s team and the organization’s modern approaches to their field what made it stand out for DiaDome. Our network is a platform friendly to new ideas that depart from conventions. That is why we believe the alliance with Leucine Rich Bio makes sense and it gives us great satisfaction to be promoting their products and services using tools available to us as a social network” said Sigrid Passig, the CEO and founder of DiaDome.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Diadome. Both our organizations are unique in their offerings and we see a huge benefit in propagating our products and services through Diadome’s network” said Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director (Business Development and Innovation) at Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd.

In return DiaDome will be promoted by Leucine Rich Bio in their day to day business. Leucine Rich Bio will use their network of contacts to supply DiaDome with new members and encourage their contacts to register and support DiaDome. DiaDome strives to be the go-to tool for today’s diagnostic community, where anybody from a laboratory technician to a production specialist to a hospital director can reap the benefits of belonging to a worldwide network of diagnostic experts. With that in mind, Leucine Rich Bio will promote DiaDome within their diagnostic circles.

Both organizations are confident that this affinity will result in a mutually rewarding coalition.

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director (Business Development and Innovation),

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd.

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