Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis

Leucine Rich Bio offers a wide variety of analytical services for NGS Data. We offer Services for:

  • The Discovery and Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).
  • Transcriptome Analysis, including Gene Annotation & Identification of Splice Variants.
  • Epigenomic Studies – Identification of Genome Methylation Patterns.
  • Characterization of Genomic Regions bound by Transcription Factors & other DNA Binding Proteins.
  • Characterization of Small RNA Population.
  • Metagenomic Studies.
  • Ab – initio Genome Analysis..

Knowledge Management

Leucine Rich Bio organizes and represents Biological Information in a structured manner, making it accessible to both Researchers and Computational Tools.

Leucine Rich Bio mines, interprets and captures relevant Biological Information into a Database for easy integration.

We provide customized manual curation from both Abstract and Full Texts. We provide manual curation, which is both accurate and cost effective.

Variant Calling Analysis

Leucine Rich Bio offers the following Variant Calling Analysis:

  • Identification of Single Nucleotide Variations (SNVs)
  • Identification of Indels (Insertions & Deletions)
  • Classification of Variation based on Clinical Pathogenicity
  • Mining associated literature for ‘Pathogenic Variations’
  • Analysis of Sequence & Length Heteroplasmy

RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Leucine Rich Bio offers the following bioinformatic services:

  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis (FPKM)
  • Differential Promoter Expression Analysis
  • Differential Splice Variant Expression Analysis
  • Differential ncRNA Expression Analysis

Biomarker Identification

The identification and use of predictive biomarkers have become an integral part of drug discovery and development process. Leucine Rich Bio offers a range of services to facilitate Disease specific and Tissue specific Biomarker discovery.

Our services enables in discovery of both genomic and molecular markers. Through a data and hypothesis driven approach, we help scientist explore and evaluate putative biomarkers.

Our services will be useful for the discovery of putative biomarkers, important for the diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis of related disease.

Bio-Informatic Services

Leucine Rich Bio offers the following bioinformatic services:

  • FASTA Manipulation
  • MAF Block Manipulation
  • Sequence Format Conversion
  • Processing On Genomic Intervals
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Graphical Display of Data
  • Clustal Alignments
  • EMBOSS Tool Services

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Leucine Rich Bio’s Genome Data Analysis Platform allows any user to interpret the Clinical Significance of Variations in the Human Genome.

The Platform combines powerful Analysis Algorithms and Verified Genome Functional Data to give the user Accurate Information with Great Visualization.

The Platform is Secure, Runs on the Cloud and Cost Effective.

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Next Generation Sequencing Techonolgy

Duration - 6 Hours
  • Overview
  • The Genome
  • Sequencing Technologies
  • Bioinformatics & Data Analysis
  • Applications of NGS
  • Ethical Implications

Hands On Experience of NGS Data

Duration - 6 Hours
  • Introduction
  • SNP Discovery
  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • CuffLinks & TopHat

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Leucine Rich Bio is a Bangalore based company and our goal is to provide solutions and services to the Life Science industry.

Scientists at Leucine Rich Bio were early adopters of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and our strength lies in NGS Data analysis. Our scientists strive to fully perceive algorithms, new technologies and computational approaches to improve the understanding of biology. Our scientists understand the value of propriety data and take all measures necessary to safeguard it.

The Life Science organizations need accurate and relevant knowledge to make informed decisions. We at Leucine Rich Bio provide world class services for efficient analysis and avoiding erroneous, cost intensive development cycles.

The Team


Founder & CEO

Prabhath K M

Head, Business Strategy and Planning

Dr.Praveen Jacob

Head, Data Analysis

Madhavi K

Technical Architect