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Leucine Rich Bio is a Bioinformatics company based in Bangalore, specializing in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis & Interpretation. Our area of focus is in Human Genome Interpretation, especially for clinical use. We use advances in the area of Computer Science, Information Science, Data Management, Statistics and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in Genomics.


At Leucine Rich Bio we have in-depth knowledge on Cancer Genomics, Genetic Conditions caused by Rare Variants and Drug Response. We have collated information on Genetic Variants, Mendelian Inheritance, Genome Wide Association Studies and Pharmacogenomics data. We cross check all information with the original scientific literature to ensure data is accurate and clinically relevant.


Our pipelines are tailored to accurately generate a report in a clinically relevant time frame. Our customized reports translates complex genomic data into clinically relevant and actionable  biological information. At Leucine Rich Bio we help clinicians appreciate the value of Personalized Medicine.

ServicesVariant Analysis & RNA-Seq Analysis

We Analyze and Interpret Human Genome Data to provide a comprehensive view of the Mutations. The variants are ranked to best match the disease or phenotype in question. Our reports provide clear information on actionable and clinically relevant gene mutation and variation. Variants are also analysed to report drug response and pharmacogenomic data.

We curate information from various databases to unearth the role of mutations in disease and drug response. All information is validated thoroughly and cross checked for clinical relevance.

Submit your Raw File and a get a detailed Analysis Report on Genetic Conditions & Drug Response. All our reports are generated in a clinically relevant time frame. Our reports also contain all necessary files to view on various Genome Visualization Browsers.


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Diagnostic Value

Advancement in Sequencing Technology are helping Clinicians make the right Diagnosis in patients. From ambiguous tumors to rare genetic conditions, genomic information is adding value in Diagnosis. Leucine Rich Bio augments diagnosis from genomics data by accurately compiling a list of actionable mutations. The mutations are ranked to best explain the phenotype in question.

Disease Prediction

Clinical Sequencing of Human Genome is helping Doctors unearth the Genetic Condition of their patients. There are many gene mutations that could explain the condition presented. Leucine Rich Bio provides a robust system of evaluation to predict precisely the causal genetic variant.

Drug Response

Pharmacogenomics is playing a big role in selecting the right therapeutic. The question of which drug and at what dosage is being answered through sequencing technologies. Leucine Rich Bio provides comprehensive reports detailing the response of drugs based on an individual’s genome. Our reports will guide clinicians to choose the right Theranostic approach.

Cancer Genomics

Next Generation Sequencing technologies is revolutionizing Personalized Medicine especially in Oncology. From ambiguous tumors to prevalent cancer, advances in sequencing technologies are predicting the right therapy for patients. Leucine Rich Bio’s robust platforms elucidates the right therapy for Cancer Patients. Our physician tailored reports offers clinically significant analysis of actionable mutations for better Theranostic Value.

Rare Disease Genomics

There are over 8000 Rare or Orphan diseases and about 85% of them are genetic in Nature. Advances in sequencing technologies have helped clinicians identify the root cause of these diseases. Leucine Rich Bio’s robust platforms are powerful tools for diagnosis of Genetic and Mendilian Disorders. We provide comprehensive reports on the causative genetic variants.

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NGS Data Analysis

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Clinical NGS

  • Overview of Sequencing Technologies
  • Genome & GWAS
  • Applying Genomics to Medicine
  • Pharmacogenomics

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